Sycamore Spartans

Cheer on  Sycamore Spartan Athletics!

New Look, New Logo, New Designs

Sweet Earth is proud to introduce all new School pride-wear featuring our new Spartan Logo. 3 new Baseball Cap designs, 3 new Hat designs, 3 new Sweatshirts designs, 3 new T-Shirt designs.

Sycamore Jewelry

We have Sterling Silver or Fashion Jewelry available.

Sycamore Gym Uniform-Middle & High School

Find the best selection of sizes in the area for Quality Shorts & T’s– in stock year round! Gold Heavy weight T-Shirt and Black lined micro-mesh shorts both comply with Sycamore District 427 School policy for Middle and High School. We are proud to offer these durable shirts and shorts that will stand up to repeated washings! Don’t forget the Gym Bag!