Fragrance & Light for the Home

1803 Soy Candles & Melts
1803 Soy Candles are locally handmade in Waterman, Illinois, from U.S. grown soybeans and are pure soy wax not blended with any other type of oil or wax.  These premium quality clean burning, non-toxic, biodegradable and environmentally safe candles are a pure delight and will burn longer than Paraffin candles. The combination of pure soy and cotton wicks does not produce carcinogens when burning.  Each candle  is created using fragrance oil and essential oil from the most fragrant scents of flowers, herbs, culinary spice and the land around us. We carry 14 oz and 6.5 oz jars in a large selection of fragrances.

We also carry 1803 Soy Melts. Each wax melt package is filled with 6 generously hand-poured soy wax squares of the same candle fragrances, giving you the option of a fragrance without a flame that can be used in our electric candle warmers.

1803 Soaps are handmade, cruelty-free, phthalate and sulfate free. Each bar is filled with natural ingredients with scents that are truly authentic to their name. Gift worthy packaging in a simple corrugated, recyclable box and tied with a vintage-dyed ribbon. The label shows soap name and ingredients. Once you try this soap you will be back for more. We even carry the unscented rich and creamy Shea Butter and much sought after Activated Charcoal for people who cannot use soap with fragrance.
Seeking Balance Candles & Melts

Seeking Balance Candles by Root Candle the oldest candle company in the USA. Seeking Balance Candles combine the science of color and essential oils into one holistic aromatherapy candle. Choose from fragrances like Relax, Detox or Energize.  Pure essential oils provide an atmosphere of comfort, calm and relaxation. Soy wax poured into a clear glass container; sustainable wooden wick that crackles as it burns. Seeking Balance scents are available in Votives & Wax Melters too!

The simple elegance of Root Dinner Candles distinguishes any table setting, illuminates the occasion, and sets a delightful mood. Whether it’s a romantic dinner for two or a large formal dinner party, Root Dinner Candles will grace your table setting with unique character. We stock the 9″ Arista Timberline Tapers, dripless and unscented perfect for your table.

Wildberry Incense

America’s Best premium hand-dipped Incense, proudly made in Ohio! Established in 1971 Wildberry has spread peace, love and incense all over the world. Sweet Earth has carried this incense for over 20 years and has a huge selection of fragrances.

Candle Warmers

Electric Fragrance Lamps & Warmers by Candle Warmers Etc is the market leader and original innovator of the electric candle warmers. These beautiful patented lamps and lanterns offer an innovative and different way to use candles in your home. Check out the wide variety of warming products available at Sweet Earth including Night Lights. We stock replacement bulbs for all styles.

Solare Candles

Solare 3D Flameless Candles from Pacific Accents are the world’s most realistic flameless candles. They are the perfect blend of beauty and technology. Unlike other moving flame flameless candles that utilize a flat simulated flame that is illuminated from the outside or a stationary bulb, the simulated moving flame flame of a Solare 3D virtual flame candle is 3 dimensional and is illuminated from within. The result is a moving flame that can be viewed from any angle giving you unlimited decorating possibilities.

We carry Solare and traditional melted top flameless Pillar Candles.  All of our flameless pillar candles have a built in 4 or 8 hour daily timer.  Once you select the desired time, the candle automatically shuts off and on the next day, comes back on at the same time.  Imagine the possibilities!  Use our flameless candles in locations previously not possible such as inside bookcases, on window sills or in hard to reach areas.  Beautiful, safe and convenient. The realistic flicker technology and real wax are perfect for indoor usage. Votives, and Tealights are also available.