What is Valentine’s Day?

We love selling Chocolove at Sweet Earth! Recommended by one of customers, it was love at first taste.  Chocolove’s custom-designed chocolate factory, tucked away in the Rocky Mountain Foothills of Boulder, Colorado, has been churning out premium, love-inspired chocolate bars for over a decade. To create the best premium chocolate in America they use the highest quality ingredients and using traditional small-production techniques like those of Europe’s finest chocolatiers. We carry both large and small bars, that are the perfect little gift with a Love poem inside each wrapper. Yummy to eat, perfect to give.

We would like to share with you this wonderful Blog post written by Timothy Moley, the founder, owner and chocolatier at Chocolove.

Source: Chocolove Blog Post February 5, 2019 written by Tim Moley

I like Valentine’s Day because it is a holiday about love and a day when everyone can express their love. In some relationships it is expected (or hoped) that you would express yourself. Of course, most of us wish the other in our lives would take more than one day a year to express or be receptive to a celebration of love; no need to limit it to just one day. But it is great to have a day to remind us.

I am reminded of Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World” at this time. His composition and delivery are so clear and enjoyable on the level of a song that we might miss the actual message. I have read that he was a prolific writer. When you look at the song’s lyrics from a writer’s perspective and see things from his time and place, the message reads more like a Valentine: what he is really saying is ‘I love you’. The poetic grace of the message of “What a Wonderful World” is fitting for Valentine’s Day: a sort of universal or higher love. Music was his delivery of his wish for more happier people and he succeeded.

This time of year I also spend more time pondering, calculating, and imagining the number of people that are happier each day through Chocolove. I see people sharing Chocolove, and as they do, what they are really saying is, ‘I love you’.