Valentine’s Day is about all kinds of Love

We would like to share with you this Valentine’s Day Blog post written by the Live-Inspired Team at Compendium.

Valentine’s Day can feel like an exclusive event reserved for those in committed relationships. The truth is, we’re all in committed relationships! From lifelong friends and trusted mentors to family members and beloved pets, we are each connected to others in ways that fill our lives with love. And that’s worth celebrating!

In honor of Valentine’s Day, a few members of our team are sharing their own stories of heartfelt connection. Stories that remind us that this day is more than roses and chocolate (though, both are lovely!). Valentine’s Day is also about creating joy-filled moments with those who teach us what the word love means each and every day.

It’s a Family Affair
Steve P., Design Manager, National Accounts for Live Inspired-Compendium

“For the past 25 years, my wife and I have dedicated Valentine’s Day to making our kids feel loved. Our tradition is to share a family dinner. It started when our kids were small, but old enough to know that this meal meant something extra special for them. We’d set the table with fancy glasses and colorful napkins, complete with candles, confetti, and other decorations. The menu has always included heart-shaped food—heart-shaped macaroni, PB&Js, pizza, waffles—and so much more. We’d also give each of our four kids a small, meaningful gift just for them.

Even now that they are grown and married, our kids still look forward to our special dinner (and they bring their spouses too!).”

With Love, from Mom
Moira L., Marketing Coordinator for Live Inspired-Compendium

“From kindergarten all the way until I was a senior in high school, my mom would write me a special note and tuck it in my lunch on Valentine’s Day. Whether she shared the message on a napkin or inside a card, her thoughtful gesture helped remind me that I was loved.

During my first year away at college, my mom sent me a special Valentine’s Day care package. It was like opening my lunch box all over again. And it was her way of letting me know that no matter where I am in the world, she sends her love.

Her tradition of leaving little love notes is one I plan on passing down with my own kids.”

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