FitKicks the Everywhere Shoe for Men & Women!

Sweet Earth is your source for FitKicks – the Everywhere Shoe!

FitKicks are lightweight, spandex shoes designed for comfort with a built in toe guard to protect feet and a slip resistant form fitting sole.  Easy on-off style makes them ideal for most surfaces indoor or outdoor.

Perfect for wearing in and around water,  FitKick shoes just go together with swimming pools and beaches!.  Protect your feet from rough bottoms, or hot pool decks, not to mention safety from slipping.  Speaking of slip safety they are the perfect shoe for the shower room at your favorite Health Club. They are washable too!

Love Yoga, but not being bare foot.  The ergonomic design of FitKicks conforms to your foot, and is breathable and durable. The stretchy spandex uppers and flex form soles allow free range of motion and make it easy to point and flex your toe, moving with you through pose after pose, never limiting you or holding you back.

We hope you find that wearing FitKicks is better than being barefoot. Perfect  for plane or car travel too. You can easily stretch and massage your feet to keep them comfortable for the entire trip.

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