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At Sweet Earth our goal is to bring to our customers earth friendly products Made in the USA!
Our gift collection changes with the seasons! So you will always see something new and fresh. New items have just arrived. Stop in to see what we have in store for you. You will be pleasantly surprised at the selection we offer all right at your door step in Sycamore.

We've just launched our on-line shopping cart for our exclusive line of Sycamore & DeKalb Illinois Souvenirs &
Commemorative Gifts. 17 different images in Greeting Cards,  Postcards,  Ceramic Coasters,  Towels, Aprons, Frameable Prints, Key Chains  & Magnets

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Pink Himalayan Salt Electric Lamps

What is a Salt Lamp?

Our salt lamps are made of natural Himalayan crystal salt mined from underground salt mines in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains The beautiful orange-reddish Himalayan crystal salt is mounted on a wooden base This crystal salt is hundreds of millions of years old and, as a result, has special properties and high mineral content. Heat from the bulb (in our salt lamps)causes the salt to emit negative ions. These negative ions bond with the pollutants in the air (positive ions) and neutralize them Also, the newly bonded ions become heavier and fall to the ground removing them from the air circulation. In addition, these negative ions combat electro-smog caused by electronic devices operating in the home. Symptoms from asthma, allergies, and other illnesses can also subside from the effects of these products. Concisely, these products cleanse the air naturally and are extremely beautiful. Save 20% on select styles.

Miniature Clocks for All ocassions and All kinds of people!
More styles in our store to choose from!
Zinc Allory, Japanese Clock Movement

Cooking is easy with enamelware. Crow Canyon Home continues to be America’s premier supplier of high-quality, classic enamelware.It can be safely used on the stovetop (electric or gas), in the oven and dishwasher, and on outdoor grills and barbecues. Cook with it, bake in it, and serve food safely. Easy cleanup, too. Ours is enamelware you can really use.

Sweet Earth is proud to be a preferred store for Carruth Studio's hand cast stone sculptures designed by nationally renowned artist and sculptor, George Carruth.These whimsical sculptures can be used as garden art, memorials, and interior decorations made in Waterville, Ohio. Please stop in and see the entire collection. You will want to collect them all. We receive all new pieces in the collection every quarter. Here they are the newest pieces:

Chair Bear-
Something about this bear just seems familiar. In its comforting smile, we might see a grandparent, a favorite teacher, or a friendly neighbor...Chair Bear is a welcoming character who just makes you want to give someone a hug! What's not to love about a big fuzzy bear in a cardigan?

This resourceful ram didn't have to go far for knitting supplies. With an abundant supply of yarn coming straight from her own belly, she'll be needing to knit herself a cozy sweater once she's finished that scarf! This whimsical sheep is the perfect gift for the knitters in your life. Or, add her to your own grouping of family photos for an unexpected twist.

Natures Nest-
A sprightly take on the traditional green man, this joyful botanical face is eager to welcome a new family to the neighborhood! He beams with pride at his leafy beard, which has been fashioned into a safe haven by mama bird for her new trio of eggs. This plaque would be a perfect gift for a bird lover or anyone who loves nature & the outdoors. Add character to your entryway, garden fence, trees, or an indoor setting such as a sunroom.

The perfect gift for home or garden......


If you're waiting for a sign THIS IS IT.....Signs, boxes, mugs, and stationary.

All Signs, Frames, Mugs, Stationary and Towels are in stock NOW!

Fun "Laugh out Loud" Towels are the perfect Hostess Gift, pair with one of our yummy food items and you are all set!

Baby Oh Baby! Expanded Baby Gifts!

Engravable silverware sets by Oneida. We do the engraving right in our store!

Baby Aspen unique and adorable presents for the New Born. Gifts Sets and Banks

Electric Fragrance Lamps & Warmers by Candle Warmers Etc is the market leader and original innovator of candle warmers. These beautiful patented lamps and lanterns offer an innovative and different way to use candles in your home.Check out the wide variety of warming products available at Sweet Earth. We stock replacement bulbs for all styles.

We now carry the complete line of Made in the USA Candlewarmer Melters. Fantastic Fragrance at a Great Price!

Introducing Candlewarmers Ultrasonic Diffusors with a complete line of 100% Pure Oils! 7 LED Colors, 2 Mist Modes, Auto Shut OFF, Premium quality Diffusors.

Introducing Solare Flameless Pillar Candles

Solare 3D Flameless Candles from Pacific Accents are the world's most realistic flameless candles. They are the perfect blend of beauty and technology. Unlike other moving flame flameless candles that utilize a flat simulated flame that is illuminated from the outside or a stationary bulb, the simulated moving flame flame of a Solare 3D virtual flame candle is 3 dimensional and is illuminated from within. The result is a moving flame that can be viewed from any angle giving you unlimited decorating possibilities.

We carry Solare and traditional melted top flameless Pillar Candles.  All of our flameless pillar candles have a built in 4 or 8 hour daily timer.  Once you select the desired time, the candle automatically shuts off and on the next day, comes back on at the same time.  Imagine the possibilities!  Use our flameless candles in locations previously not possible such as inside bookcases, on window sills or in hard to reach areas.  Beautiful, safe and convenient. The realistic flicker technology and real wax are perfect for indoor usage.
Votives, Tealights and Tapers are also available.

Browse our fantastic Greeting Card Collection-from some of the best Image Companies-
Our new Hallmark Department is now Open!

Sweet Earth has joined Legacy publishing’s "Buy a Card-Feed a Child" program. These are the same great cards we have always carried, but with a new fresh selection and the very positive benefit of helping children, still just $2.99. Over 1 Million meals have been provided through this program in just 1 year! We are proud of offer these cards in our store.All new selection for 2018!

We also carry a huge selection of  Legacy Coasters. Check out our newest 3-sided display and you will find florals, nature, cats, birds, wildlife, Inspirational and just plain Fun. In addition our Seasonal Coasters come in 4 times a year. These cork-backed coasters are heat and water resistant-just $1.50 each. Mix and match and create a cute hospitality gift by adding a coaster basket!

Introducing Pumpernickel Press greeting Cards. We are proud to offer these high quality embossed cards with beautiful images. They are eco-friendly and made west of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Berryville, VA. High quality embossed cards-Made in the USA on recycled Paper with agricultural based inks. Each is a work of Art!

Best Seller!  Seeking Balance candles that combine combine the science of color and essential oils into one holistic aromatherapy candle. Choose 15 styles from Relax to Energize, including the two newest Devote and Invigorate.  Pure essential oils provide an atmosphere of comfort, calm and relaxation. Soy wax poured into a clear glass container; sustainable wooden wick that crackles as it burns. Made in the USA by Root Candles. All are now 30% OFF

Seeking Balance scents are now available in Votives & Wax Melters too!

Dinner Candles-Arista Timberline Tapers are dripless, unscented and perfect for your Table!

Our Best Selling Candle Line has now expanded. We have more Frangrances then ever before!

1803 Soy Candles & Soap made in Waterman, Illinois
Clean burning, non-toxic, biodegradable and environmentally safe candles. We carry the Quart Jars, 14 oz and 6.5 oz jars or Scents, Melters, Diffussors, and Handmade Soap. Remember burning Soy Candles keeps your home free of soot!

New for 2018, Living Life, Kindred Spirits, Keeping it Simple, Cabin LIfe, Lavendar Freesia and Thyme

Store Favorites: Grandma's Kitchen, Mom's Kitchen, Lavendar Lemongrass, Friendship, Vintage Lilac and Spring Rain.

All New Room Diffusors Kits in all your favorite fragrances: Cider Mill, Friendship, Grandma's Kitchen, Lavender Lemongrass

Don't forget these beautiful handmade Soaps: Shea Butter, Lavendar Oatmeal with Goats Milk, Lavendar Lemongrass with Goats Milk, Lavendar Buds, Lavendar Sugar, Spring Rain, Vintage Lilac, Charcoal

Intoducing our newest line of Personal Care products for Men & Woman

Two girls, one farm in Marietta, Ga equals the freshest and healthest products that are just good for you! With soaps imbued with farm fresh ingredients from their farm and local farmers (from local Georgia farmer's markets) to the honey and beeswax raised in local apiaries, you'll find local ingredients in over 95% of our products. Don't miss the roll on essential oils and Beard Oils for Men on SALE!


Attention: Sweet Earth customers who love Naked Bee products--New Facial Cleansing Gel and Facial Mosturizer with SPF 30 protection. Pineapple and papaya enzymes will cleanse your skin while jojoba beads gently exfoliate with our NEW Everyday Facial Cleansing Gel. Follow up with the facial moisturizer that helps smooth wrinkles and improve skin tone!

Naked Zinc is
Naked Bee's newest sunscreen. Zinc-based sunscreen is where it's at! Naked Zinc won't give you lifeguard nose though -- it disappears into the skin quite nicely. The Lip balm is smooth and creamy and does not white your lips like other zinco products, but protects from the Sun. Naked Zinc will also have "All the good stuff, and none of the bad stuff" so you won't need to fret ingredients. Check it out!

The newest Fragrance for 2018 - Citron & Honey is now in stock. Citron and Honey combines the classic honey smell you love from The Naked Bee product line, with the fresh scent of citron.Citron is a bit like lemon, as it’s part of the citrus family of fruits, but it has a softer, warmer scent that blends effortlessly with honey. We think you’ll agree that the two are a scent match from heaven!

Here's the Buzzzzz.....Now Available: Serious Hand Repair Cream by Naked Bee, one of our favorite-Made in the USA products available at Sweet Earth. Serious Hand Repair contains Ceramide 3 which helps to replenish the skin’s natural structure, often lost due to aging or disruption of the skin’s moisture barrier. It's also loaded with Good Stuff like Safflower Oil, Borage Oil, Shea & Cocoa Butters which help combat dry and scaly skin. It's not greasy at all, you will love it!

Sweet Earth is proud to offer Naked Bee an Organic line of personal care products made in the USA. We have the largest selection of  Naked Bee pruducts in the area. Choose from Orange Blossom Honey, Grapefruit Blossom & Honey, Pomogranate & Honey, Sandlewood, Lavendar & Beeswax, Chai Tea, Unscented,  Coconut & Honey, Nag Champa, Jasmine & Honey and new for 2018 Citron & Honey! Discover your favorite scent! 

Naked Bee is all of the good stuff, none of the bad stuff. The good stuff: 70% organic skin conditioning lotion and moisturizer for your hands and body, triple milled oatmeal soap, organic olive oil, honey and beeswax lip balm.The bad stuff: Paraben-Free, no propylene glycol or mineral oil dyes or pigment, no lauryl or laureth sulfate,  no dyes, no mineral oil, no EDTA, (what is that anyway?). Absolutely NO animal testing ever. We offer Orange Blossom Honey,  Coconut & Honey, Pomegranate & Honey Lavendar, my favorite Grapefruit Blossom Honey, Nag Champa, Jasmine & Honey and the newest Citron & Honey!

We carry Hand & Body Lotion, Body Butter, Foot Balm, Cuticle Cream, Lip Balm, natural and tinted, Hand Wash, Hand Soap, Sun Screen and Hand Sanitizer.

Mini Kits are perfect to give as gift or just for your purse. Kit has lip balm, hand sanitizer and moisturizer.

Find the entire line of personal care products from Good Earth Soap, made entirely from scratch in beautiful Kewaunee, WI. Handcrafted in small batches enjoy handmade soaps made from distilled water, olive, oil, soybean oil, palm oil, cooconut oil, aromatherapy grade essential oils & organic botanicals.

Special Savings on Soap- everyday $5.99 each or 4 bars for $20.00

Also from Good Earth: Lip Butter, Garden Balm, Lotion Bar, Soy Lotion, Deet Free Mosquite Spray (it really works and safe for Babies and Pets), Deoderant from from Coconut oil, and Doggie Shampoo Bars too!

Are you a Music Lover?  Stop in and listen to latest collection of music at our Green Hill Music listening center. We carry over 20-40 different titles of music from that you can listen to while you shop and then purchase. Our collection has been personally selected to bring you the best of the best. Choose from many different styles of music, including instrumental, and vocals, the greats like Sarah Brightman, to pianists, Jim Brickman, Jim Huntsinger or Guitarist Jessie Cook and so more!   .



Are you a Patchouli Music Lover? In stock now:

Music Sale on select titles by Adele, Susan Boyle, Sarah Mclachlan, Norah Jones and more!
All $9.98

Beautiful Music Boxes

Are you looking for something extra special, how about an elegant music box. The perfect gift for a new baby, baptism, wedding, anniversary, thinking of you, Mother's Day, even as a bereavement gift. We can help you select the appropriate music. They come in several finishes, walnut, white, black, pewter, baby blue and baby pink  and two sizes.

Sarge Knives-Great Gifts for him. Bridal Party idea too! Engravable. Expanded! New Swift Tactical Assisted Opening, new Classics and our orignal Wood Handle Knives-all with a Lifetime Warranty.

They engrave beautifully too!

Licensed Sportsware-
New Cufflinks and Money Clips. High qualtiy and durable.

Check out what we have in stock for your favorite Sports fan in your life. Sweet Earth has gifts they will love. Choose from Mugs, Pints, Bottle Openers,  (Glassware made in Toledo Ohio!). We carry watches for all the Chicago Teams, but can order them for your favorite team too. Cubs,Sox, Blackhawks, Bulls and Green Bay Packers! Let our engraving department put their name on it!


Incense hand dipped and Made in the USA! New for the Holidays..remember these cute little cabin burners?

We got them--they come with 2 Evergreen cones, plus we now stock Evergreen cones & Sticks. Pick up all your Holiday Favorites: Cinnamon, Simmering Cider, Baking Brownies, Candy Cane Evergreen, and Frankinscense and Myrrh. Great selection of Burners and Bottles.

5 New Fragrances- Bourban Street, Carnival, Harlequin, King Cake & Spanish Moss

Rated America's Best Incense, proudly made in Ohio!

Don't forget we have Citronella Incense for the Yard. These stick are 24" long and burn for 3 hours. Available in 3 fragrances: Lemon, Lavendar and Sandlewood. Keeps the bugs away naturally-they really work!

Get your Sycamore, Illinois Sweatshirts, T-Shirts, Hats are available in Rust, Hunter & Navy, & Umbrella's at Sweet Earth!
Sweatshirt is available in sizes: Infant to Adult 3XL. T-Shirts are available to purchase through our ON-LINE Shopping Cart. Click Here.

Our Local Artists & Vendors: 
Bud's White Popcorn-Grown and produced locally on Cessna Farms
From Sycamore's own Natural Cook, Jo Cessna, her exclusive "Eat Natural • Live Peaceful" T-shirts
Pinzique The Royal Dice Game, created by Ken Holcomb from Sycamore, IL  
Hand-carved Wood Spartan Pens
Sorry Sweet Earth green bag discount & coupons cannot be applied to these items.

Through the Fires: An American Business Story of Turbulence, Triumph, and Giving Back” the true story as told by Robert Carr with co-author, and local resident, Dick Johnson, and Sycamore High School alumni Michael McMillan and Anne Carrigan McMillan, who advised, designed, and produced the book. $14.95 Sorry Sweet Earth green bag discount & coupons cannot be applied to this book.

Five-Mile Spur Line: A History of Sycamore, Illinois
Five-Mile Spur Line-Writer & historian Clint Cargile brings Sycamore’s unique railroad history to life. He weaves the story of the Sycamore & Cortland Railroad into the history of the city itself, showing that Sycamore owes its very existence to the five miles of railroad track that served as a gateway to commerce, culture, and a century of American progress. 95% of the proceeds from the sale of this book go to DeKalb County Community Foundation.New Reduced Price $15.00 regular price was $30.00 Sorry Sweet Earth green bag discount & coupons cannot be applied to this book.

In Search of a Fair Wind: The Sea Letters of Georgia Townsend Yates
In 1891, twenty-four-year-old Georgia Townsend Yates packed up her infant daughter and left her affluent life in the farming town of Sycamore, Illinois, to journey halfway around the world.  For fifteen months, Georgia lived in the closed-off world of her husband's ship, the Willie Reed.  To record her journey, she wrote letters to her mother back in Sycamore.  Her sea letters show pluck and humor and provide a fascinating glimpse into the daily life of a captain's wife who does everything from mending shirts to hunting albatross.  Georgia's insights on first-time motherhood, maritime domesticity, and even mutiny are as fresh and exciting today as when she wrote them.
Supplemental material by historian Clint Cargile provides further context  for the life and world of Georgia Townsend Yates.  Her prominent family carved their path from New York to Illinois, bringing big ideas about industry and equality with them.   Inheriting her family's wanderlust, Georgia followed her heart to the far side o the world before carving her own path in Maine and then Boise, Idaho.  Her letter share the glory and tedium of an ocean voyage and exemplify her life-long quest In Search of a Fair Wind. Price $15.00 Sorry Sweet Earth green bag discount & coupons cannot be applied to this book.

Hybrid Corn & Purebread People. Special Discount Price on Volume I and II when purchased together!
Barry Schrader, local author, editor, and historian will release the sequel to his first book, “Hybrid Corn & Purebread People” which contains 100 columns from the Daily Chronicle published in 2010. The new book, entitled “Hybrid Corn & Purebread People, Volume 2″ is 208 pages, containing 100 columns written between 2010 and 2014, with more than 600 local names, and 160 photos, some 40 of them not previously published in the newspaper.Sorry Sweet Earth green bag discount & coupons cannot be applied to this book.

The Sycamore Pumpkin Festival Book-Limited signed copies available.
"Mr. Pumpkin & The Sycamore Pumpkin Festival-A Fifty Year History"-Signed by Author-95% of the proceeds go to the Wally Thurow Sycamore High School Scholarship Fund-$17.95 Sorry Sweet Earth green bag discounts & coupons cannot be applied to this book. .

Commemorative Documentary at Sweet Earth
The official “The Sycamore Documentary” DVD $15.00 95% of the proceeds from both films go to Joiner History Room.
Sorry Sweet Earth green bag discounts & coupons cannot be applied to Joiner HIstory Room Items.

See the Specialty Awards created by Sweet Earth on the Engraving page.

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